Spain’s First Gay Old People’s Home to be Built in Madrid

Spain's "gay flag" created by Eddo - Creative Commons license



There are so many reasons we love Spain and the country’s insistence on being at the forefront of so many modern issues is just one of them. Now, Spain is soon going to have its first gay old people’s home, after it’s been realized some gays, as they grow older and retire, are being ignored or ostracized in many of Spain’s old people’s homes.

The new gay old folks home will be built on the outskirts of Madrid on, what is now, a bare piece of land. The developer, showing he’s well aware of the problems many elderly gay people experience, told the BBC this week ” We want to make sure all people who are gay can live out their lives with dignity.”  Isn’t that a nice thought.

The other wonderful thing about the development is, instead of being a typical care home for the elderly, the first gay old people’s home in Spain will actually be a retirement community, made up of 115 lovely apartments and a slew of facilities. Construction will begin in a few months, as soon as the developers have been able to raise enough money from Spanish banks.

We think this is such a wonderful idea, we wouldn’t be surprised if Spain didn’t have several old people’s retirement communities for gays in just a few years. And we think that would be lovely.