Spain’s Population Now At 47,151,000 – Increase of 130,000 More Than 2010


A new census in Spain says the number of Spanish residents listed on the Padron at their town hall has increased to 47,150,819, which is a 130,000 increase over the same census last year. It also shows the number of non-EU foreign residents is down by almost 60,000 and the number of residents from EU countries is now 2.3 million. As for the British, many of whom live in Spain, there are 390,880 registered Brits (but probably a lot more not registered).

One reason for the falling rate of non-EU foreign residents is likely Spain’s dismal economy. With more than 20 million Spaniards unemployed and residents from other EU countries also looking for work, it’s much more difficult for non-EU residents to get jobs in Spain – likely a big reason so many have left the country.

As for the increasing number of Spaniards, let’s face it when you’re broke and can’t find a job, it’s not like you’re going to be spending a lot of time out at fancy restaurants or nightclubs in the evenings – so what else is there left to do but have an amorous evening with your wife or girlfriend.

New figures out also show unemployment in Spain is on the rise and not falling – not good news for anyone, but particularly not for those who are non-EU foreign residents.