Spain’s Rich Get Richer and Increase in Number While Middle-Class and Poor Suffer

barcelona students protest
As Spain sees more and more protests across the country, more people join the high net-worth group and the richest Spaniards get richer – photo copyright oatsy40, CC License

Somewhat sad news out of Spain this week where the economy still is not showing much signs of improvement. But that is not likely worrying Spain’s richest as, according to a new study out by Capgemini and RBC, Spain’s rich are getting richer and they are increasing in number, while the middle-class and poor continue to suffer.

According to the English-language version of El Pais, the report from Capgemini and RBC shows wealthy individuals in Spain are not only making more money than ever before, some of those that were close to being ‘high net-worth ‘individuals, ie: those worth over 1 million euros once their residence and personal possessions have been excluded, have now crossed over the line and are high net-worth individuals themselves.

In fact, according to the figures, Spain has more than 144,600 people worth more than 1 million euros, up 5.4 percent since 2012.

Now, of course, the majority of people who are high net-worth individuals in Spain and anywhere else, usually worked hard to make the money they have and, in most cases, usually do deserve it.

However, wouldn’t it be nice if more of these people actually shared a little bit of the wealth they have made, or the luck and good fortune they’ve had, with Spaniards a little less fortunate than themselves? After all, it would help Spain’s economy as a whole.

Let’s hope some of them, at least, do.