Spain’s Stolen Babies: Catholic Church, Clinic and Nuns Involved

General Franco with US president Eisenhower

 The story of Spain’s stolen babies is heating up with more adopted children coming forward saying they were born in Spain to Spanish mothers and then handed over to couples from countries like the United States for illegal adoptions. Not surprising to many of us who know the true nature of much of the Catholic Church, the church, its clinic workers, and nuns are now being implicated in the stealing of Spanish children.

As investigations are continuing, several children born in the early 1970s to Spanish mothers in a clinic called San Ramón de Málaga are coming forward saying they were never legally adopted, but were simply given to American couples in exchange for large sums of money.

Under the laws of Spain in the 1970s however, it was almost impossible for Spanish babies to be adopted by foreigners so those children, if unwanted by their birth parents, should have been put up for adoption to Spaniards. That they weren’t leads many to now believe they were wanted by their parents. But, hours after their birth, their mothers were lied to and told the baby had died.

The baby was then stolen by the clinic and sold to adoptive parents the clinic felt would make “better parents” than their birth parents. Parents too were often deemed to be ‘dangerous’ to the then-repressive government of General Franco, so doctors had little remorse in taking their children from them.

Evidence now shows doctors at the clinic would even falsify birth records, stating the babies had been born to American mothers at the clinic.

In the ensuing decades, records from the clinic were also destroyed so the now-adult illegally ‘adopted’ children have no way of knowing if their birth parents agreed to the adoptions or if they were indeed stolen babies.

An estimated 260-300 Spanish babies were stolen at the clinic over a five year period, with potentially thousands more babies taken at other hospitals and clinics all over Spain.

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Photo – General Franco with US president Eisenhower in 1959