Spain’s Unemployment Up Nearly 35,000 in March –

Bad news still coming out of Spain when it comes to unemployment figures. New figures just released for March show almost 35,000 more Spanish workers ended up on unemployment rolls in March, with the total number of people unemployed in Spain at 4,333,669.

What’s even worse is almost a third of those on the unemployment rolls are looking for their first job – not a good sign for a strong Spain going forward. In fact, if economies continue to pick up in other EU countries, Spain is likely to see a mass exodus of its young people, as happened with Romania and is now happening with Greece and Ireland.

Worst hit industries are the service sector along with industry, construction and agriculture. The current unemployment figures in Spain are now at the highest rate ever, since Spanish officials first began keeping data in 1996, and is twice the number of almost every other European country.

Spain’s main industries are tourism, agriculture/fishing and automobile production – all of which are still taking a hit because of the struggling world economy.

Photo copyright – Spanish fishing boat copyright Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez/Creative Commons License