Spanish Boy Fakes Kidnapping as Doesn’t Want Parents to Go to School Parents Day

copyright Daquella manera, Creative Commons License
copyright Daquella manera, Creative Commons License

One Spanish police officer must be incredibly embarrassed today and desperately wanting to kill his 11-year-old son after he faked his own kidnapping. The boy used a cell phone to send a text message to his police officer father saying he’d been kidnapped while taking out the rubbish.

According to the boy, he was now in the trunk of a blue car being driven somewhere out of the town of Xinzo de Limia where he lived and he needed his father’s help.

Of course, the father immediately called into the police department where he works and alerted the forces. Emergency services were called out, roadblocks were set up and cars all over the area were stopped in an effort to find the kidnapped child.

Hours later, it suddenly dawned on the father that the spare key to an apartment the family owns was missing. He went to check and found his son hiding in a closet.

When questioned, the boy said he’d faked his own kidnapping as he didn’t want his parents to go to a school Parent’s Day that day. Apparently, he was in trouble at school and was worried his parents would find out.

All I can say is, if that was my kid, he’d have a lot more to worry about than poor school results. Being banned from leaving the house without supervision until he was 21 should be a nice start.