Spanish Government Clueless About Youth Unemployment Fixes?

Fátima Báñez, clueless about youth unemployment solutions in Spain
Fátima Báñez, clueless about youth unemployment solutions in Spain


If Spain’s economy wasn’t in such tragic shape, you’d have to laugh every time you read about any new ‘fix’ the Spanish government of Marino Rajoy comes up with. Pushing stricter and stricter austerity measures which haven’t solved Spain’s economic problems and never will, and have instead put millions of Spaniards out of work, the Spanish government has now decided to battle the problem of youth unemployment in Spain. So what hare-brained idea have they come up with this time?

According to Labor Minister Fátima Báñez, her office is currently working on solutions to tackle Spain’s youth unemployment crisis. In fact, with more than 55 percent of Spaniards under the age of 25 currently unemployed, Labor Minister Fátima Báñez has come up with a marvelous idea to help young Spaniards get jobs. Encourage entrepreneurialism.

Yep. With 55 percent of Spanish young people unemployed, the Spanish government wants them to start their own business and, to encourage them to do so, they’re going to drop the amount of social security contributions they would have to pay as a self-employed Spanish worker from an average of 250 euros a month to just 50 euros a month for anyone under the age of 30.

I just have one question. When you don’t have a job and, in many instances for Spain’s unemployed youth, have never had a job, where are you going to get the money to start a business? Let’s face it, the banks aren’t going to give you a loan and your parents don’t have it.

It really is the absolute out-of-touch mentality of Mariano Rajoy and the People’s Party that makes you realize these people are never going to solve Spain’s youth unemployment crisis, let alone any other economic problem the country is faced with.