Spanish Investigators to Use Cigarette DNA to Identify Catalan Fire Starter

Photo copyright Stevendepolo – Creative Commons License


You’d think enough people had watched CSI to know you really shouldn’t leave something with your DNA at a crime scene if you don’t want to get caught. But, it turns out, there’s a good chance there may be DNA on cigarettes found at the place where the two fires in the Alt Empordá area of Cataluña were started, so at least one person hasn’t.

While there’s a chance the cigarettes may not be able to yield enough DNA, there’s also a chance they will. If I was the person/persons who started Alt Empordá, Cataluña fires, I’d be pretty worried about now.

Meanwhile, eight people have been injured in the Cataluña fires; six of them seriously. You have to wonder what kind of sick mind thinks starting fires is a fun thing to do, especially in Spain today where the country already has more than its fair share of problems.

Let’s hope the Spanish investigators are able to find the culprits using the cigarette DNA, and that they get a few years in prison to consider what they’ve done.