Spanish Man Kills His Wife, Goes to Jail, Collects Widower Pension – For 6 Years

Screenshot from INSS website


Somebody in the Spanish Social Security system (INSS)  has screwed up. Royally. It seems it never dawned on them that, when a man murders his wife, and gets sent to jail for the crime, he shouldn’t then still be drawing a widower’s pension — for six years. But that’s what happened with Llorenç Morel, who was sentenced to 18 years in jail for killing his wife, Consol Galcerán, in 2005.

The day after he murdered her, he signed up for his widower’s pension and he’s been getting it ever since for a total of more than 40,000 euros (592 euros a month).

It apparently took Spanish police three months to figure out it was Morel who killed his wife (her body was discovered by the side of her car near a highway). You’d think they would have figured out Morel had something to do with it long before that. After all, what bereaved husband signs up for a pension the day after his wife dies. He should have had other things on his mind.

Looks like Morel’s widower’s pension is soon to be stopped though. The High Court have now informed the INSS Morel killed his wife and, oh by the way, you probably shouldn’t be sending him a reward for doing so.