Spanish Man with Artificial Heart Dies 24 Hrs After Being Cleared to Go Home

Eufemio García talks to Dr. Gonzalex, one of his doctors at Bellvitge Hospital


Eufemio García, the man who was given an artificial heart in Catalonia last November died yesterday, just 24 hours after a news conference at the hospital. Mr. Garcia had been cleared to go home, with doctors saying he should expect to live a normal life. He was only 57-years-old.

The artificial heart surgery was carried out at the University of Bellvitge Hospital in Barcelona on November 23rd, with few problems or complications. Mr. Garcia had originally been on a waiting list for a human heart but had too many other illnesses connected to heart disease, so doctors decided to implant him with an artificial heart instead.

Mr. Garcia however was not the first person in Spain to receive an artificial heart. that was given to 67-year-old  Pedro Antonio Pérez García at a hospital in Madrid in May, 2011. He is said to be doing well after he was discharged from hospital six months ago.

Meanwhile, after it was announced Eufemio Garcia had died, doctors said an autopsy would be carried out to try to determine how and why he died. So far though they seem to have few ideas.