Spanish Police Quickly Arrest Man After Woman’s Body Found in Fuengirola

A woman's body was found in the beautiful seaside town of Fuengirola on Monday - photo Jonny Erixon, Creative Commons.


Spanish police moved quickly this week to arrest a man suspected of murdering a 31-year-old woman from Almeria.  The woman’s body was found wrapped in plastic and a blanket, and left under a bridge in Fuengirola on Saturday.  She was found two days later. The man, who was apparently known by the woman, was arrested within 24 hours and will be charged with her murder.

The woman had been beaten over the head and strangled. Her body was found by a man walking his dog on Monday.

When a murder is committed in Spain, like this one in Fuengirola, it quickly makes front page news as, compared to most other countries, Spain’s murder rate is very low. The same goes for rape and violent assault, two crimes that still have the lowest rates of almost any other European country.

In fact, for tourists in particular, Spain is one of the safest countries you will ever travel to, as is evidenced by a report from the US State Department that says few of the more than one million Americans who travel to Spain every year have any problems whatsoever.

Spain’s criminal courts however hand out strict sentences for murder so chances are, if found guilty, the man who was responsible for the Fuengirola murder will be dealt with very harshly.