Spanish Policemen Arrested for Killing German Tourist By Knocking Her Off Her Bike

A bicycle in Madrid – photo copyright – jafsegal, Creative Commons License

Two Spanish police officers have been arrested for killing a German tourist who was on a cycling holiday in Spain.

The two were in an unmarked police car on Sunday morning close to Lluchmajor when they hit the 64-year-old German tourist, who was out cycling with a holiday tour group, knocking her off her bike.

After the accident, the two men simply drove away, not even stopping to see if the woman was injured or dead, or offering any assistance.

The two Spanish police men, a police inspector and a national police officer, were arrested on the evening of the same day and, at that time, one of them tested positive for alcohol, with a level five times over the legal limit.

Whether he was driving and drunk at the time still has to be ascertained by police and the court system. The two policemen are expected in court on Monday to hear the charges read against them.