The US Covering Up Torture at Guantanamo: Asking Spain To Stop Its Investigation?


Spain’s National Court has been conducting an investigation into allegations of torture at Guantanamo Bay. Yesterday, the US Department of Justice asked Spain’s National Court to stop its investigation and to give all the information it has learned so far to the United States? Anyone who supports Spain’s investigation of US torture should be asking why? And supporting Spain in the continuation of its investigation.  The US, on the other hand, says it’s already conducting its own investigation, so intimates it doesn’t need Spain. It’s like trusting Hitler to conduct an investigation into the gassing of the Jews.

Judge Eloy Velasco, has meanwhile asked the prosecution service for an opinion, before he’ll make a decision. Looking at America’s past cover up and history of abuse and torture though, it shouldn’t really require a rocket scientist to know what Judge Velasco’s decision should be, should it?

This is the first time Judge Velasco has even had an answer to questions asked of the US about Guantanamo. Velasco’s past enquiries to the US have related to senior US officials in the George W. Bush administration, an administration known for its lies and cover ups. El País reports one of them as the former US Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales.