Two British Men Flash Entire Jet2 Plane on Flight from UK to Ibiza, Spain

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Let’s face it, with so many British lager louts leaving the UK on holidays or for jobs, it’s often embarrassing to be British. Loud, obnoxious, rude and, of course, drunk, so many young British men and women nowadays really are an affront to being British. So, to read an article on El Mundo about two young British men dropping their pants on a Jet2 flight from Newcastle to Ibiza, Spain last week and flashing the entire plane — for almost three hours — unfortunately isn’t even that surprising any more.

The two men (if that’s what you can call them) were on a Jet2 flight last Thursday and, yes, they were drunk. Only a few minutes into the flight, for some bizarre reason, they both decided to drop their pants revealing their penises, and then walk up and down the plane aisle showing them off to the rest of the passengers.

Although the Jet2 flight attendants tried to get them to put their clothes back on and take their seats, this behavior continued for most of the flight. They were also rude, belligerent and a possible danger to flight attendants and other passengers and to the flight itself.

The pilot radioed ahead to Ibiza and the two men were arrested by the Guardia Civil as soon as the Jet2 plane landed. They were named as two 19-year-olds – Jonathan JW and Nicolas S. Both men appeared in a Spanish court and were released on bail. If found guilty of indecent exposure, they could serve up to a year in a Spanish jail. No more than they deserve. Obviously.