Two British Plane Bomb Hoaxers out of Jail on Bail in Tenerife

A Thomas Cook plane in Majorca – copyright Curimedia, Creative Commons License

You have to wonder what goes through the head of some drunk British men, particularly the two that decided it would be funny to tell other passengers and a stewardess on a Thomas Cook flight to Tenerife last week that they had a bomb in their suitcase.

Needless to say, the two idiots were arrested upon arrival in Tenerife last Friday and have been in a jail cell ever since.

Today they were released on bail until their bomb hoax case comes to court, but they had to surrender their passports so in Tenerife they will have to remain.

The two men, if that’s what you can call them, 20-year-old Aidan-Paul Jenvis, and Mathan Levi aged 21 were, of course, drunk when they made the “we have a bomb in our suitcase” statements.

Then again, that seems to be the perpetual condition of many Brits on holiday in Spain who don’t seem to be able to control their alcohol intake, so no surprises there either. (What on earth happened that the UK is primarily now a nation of alcoholics, and one whose citizens seem to delight in embarrassing themselves overseas? And yes, I’m British, so I’m allowed to say that).

As for the court case, there was some confusion as to if the two would be tried in Spain or extradited to the UK and tried there, as the bomb hoax occurred on a British plane so, therefore, under international law, on British soil.

The Spanish judicial system, however, has finally decided to try them in Spain under the Air Navigation Law and says it will be a fast trial with the two likely being fined and extradited to the UK. “And, by the way, please, don’t come back”.

Bet their Mums will have something to say when they finally get back home. And most of it probably won’t be complimentary.