Visit General Franco’s Summer House: Pazo de Meiras in Sada Now Open to Public

For the first time ever, General Franco’s summer house, known as Pazo de Meiras, and located in the municipality of Sada, will be open to the general public. An enormous palatial house that had once been given to General Franco by Spanish business men was claimed by his family after his death. But, in Spain, the late dictator is still a figure of interest and Spanish people wanted the right to see what their tax pesetas paid for.

General Franco’s heirs were soon involved in a court battle, with them insisting the house belonged to them and no one was going to be allowed to tour it. The Spanish government, on the other hand, said it was to the benefit of all of Spain for Franco’s summer house to be a national monument and, well, when you’re the Spanish government, you usually get your own way.

Needless to say, Franco’s heirs are fit to be tied but the summer house is now open to anyone who wants to see it, with tours of the place starting last Friday.

The summer house is located just outside Sada and consists of three large towers attached to a main building.