What are the Numbers for El Gordo Christmas Lottery, 2013?

El Gordo 2013

And the numbers for the El Gordo Christmas Lottery, 2013 are……..

Did you buy tickets (billetes) for the El Gordo Christmas Lottery, 2013, the world’s largest lottery and Spain’s biggest chance to become rich this year? If so, you may want to know what the El Gordo numbers 2013 are, as you just could just have won.

Drumroll……..and here we go…….

The El Gordo (‘The Fat One’), or the first prize, for 2013 will be given to a holder of the ticket with the number 62246.

The second prize number is 79712. The third prize number is 51689. The fourth prize numbers are 67065 and 79800, and the fifth prize numbers are 14850, 55695, 81854, 81156, 17320,48589, 05721, and 52754.

Some winners of El Gordo, 2013, have already come forward to claim their cash prizes with some of them living in areas of Spain that have been hit the hardest economically when it comes to the failing economy. Now that’s great news to hear.

As for the other El Gordo 2013 numbers, good luck to the rest of you and I hope some of you won. If not, better luck with El Gordo in 2014.