What is the Nightlife Like in Albir, Spain?

Sidewalk cafes are much more likely for both daytime and nightlife in Albir, Spain.

Many tourists who plan to visit Albir, Spain wonder about the nightlife. Are there a lot of nightclubs, bars and places to have a great night out in Albir? Or is it more on the quiet side? The latter, in fact, is true. But, don’t get us wrong, Albir nightlife is still incredibly fun.

Unlike Benidorm, just 10-15 minutes by taxi from Albir’s main street, Albir doesn’t have nightclubs, exciting bars or drinking joints playing loud music. Instead, the whole town has been designed more for the middle-aged northern European tourists in mind and they are people who prefer a nice bar to sit in where they can enjoy a good meal and a bottle of wine rather than a screaming loud disco full of drunken louts.

For nightlife in Albir, you’re more likely to spend the evening enjoying a few beers on a bar patio on the main street chitchatting with friends or in a small restaurant, where you can get an amazing meal for only 10-15 euros per person and that often includes a full bottle of wine.

There are plenty of small bars to choose from in Albir as well, so you can try a new one every night if you enjoy a change.

The Hotel Kaktus Albir does have live entertainment at least five nights a week, which is usually the hotel’s resident singer or Spanish dancers who come from nearby Benidorm.

If you’re looking for a true meal and a show try Benidorm Palace, or if you prefer discos, loud nightclubs or bars teeming with young people, Benidorm will be more to your liking. It’s only about 12 euros in a taxi from Benidorm to Albir though, so a loud, fun evening packed with entertainment and copious amounts of drink is entirely possible.