Woman Killed At Madrid’s Barajas Airport As Carjackers Stole Her Porsche

Terminal 4 at Barajas Airport at night – photo copyright Manuel Gómez, Creative Commons License


According to El Pais, a 40-year old Spanish woman was carjacked at Terminal 4 at Madrid’s Barajas Airport on Thursday morning. As carjackers beat her in an effort to take her keys and then her Porsche the woman, named as Raquel Miguélez Cartón, held onto the window of the car. She was then dragged a few feet and ultimately run over by the car, which sped away. Medical personnel who were called to the scene tried to revive her but she was declared dead of a heart attack soon after.

Witnesses, who were outside Barajas Airport where Cartón stopped her car, said a Seat Toledo driven by the carjackers had deliberately hit her Porsche and then two men wearing baseball caps got out. As  Cartón started to fill in insurance papers, the two men then tried to carjack her car and that’s when she attempted to stop them.

Raquel Miguélez Cartón had worked at Iberia Airlines for 20 years. She lived in the Aluche area of Madrid. Homicide detectives are now investigating whether she was followed from her home by the two men. If so, chances are her home or her car had been under surveillance by them for several hours before, in which case neighbors or members of Cartón’s family may have seen something.

Late Friday afternoon, police in Madrid announced a man had been detained in connection with the carjacking and murder.