World’s Longest Chocolate Bar is in Cordoba, Spain – New World Record

Chocolate - Siona Karen - copyright Creative Commons License


It’s nice when there’s some positive news coming out of Spain as, God knows, with Spain’s terrible economy right now, there’s not much of it. That’s why to see a town in Cordoba — Montilla — gain a new world record for the world’s longest chocolate bar, well, that’s lovely.

The chocolate bar was 250 meters long and made up of 3,100 bars, which were melted down to form a new massive bar. After a nice celebration, and tons of photos were taken, the chocolate was then broken up into much smaller pieces and sold.  Proceeds will go to a San Rafael retirement home, and to an area residence center for Alzheimer’s patients.

Don’t however get the Cordoba bar mixed up with the world’s largest chocolate bar. That record is held in the United Kingdom, after British company Thorntons created a chocolate bar late last year that weighed 6 tonnes and was 4 meters square.  Cordoba’s is by far the longest, but not the biggest.

Maybe they can save that record for next year?