Young People Get Creative Finding Jobs in Spain: XFin Radio Helps (Video)

xfin radio spain

With Spain’s economy in crisis, you might be thinking most Spaniards, and particularly those under the age of 30, have given up trying to find a job. In fact, that’s not true at all.

What has happened, however, is as jobs have become more difficult to find, those Spaniards who are tech-savvy are using more creative ways to find jobs.


From singing their CV on the train and making a video about it (yes, this guy did find a job), to creating a website that answers would-be employer’s questions 24/7, young people are doing what it takes when it comes to finding jobs in Spain. And a Spanish radio station called XFin Radio is helping.

XFin Radio was set up to help Spain’s unemployed find work. It is run by Oscar Montero and a team of legal experts,who all have experience in advising people on how to find work. They broadcast every day with tips, tricks and discussions about how to find work in Spain.

If you are unemployed in Spain, check out XFin Radio and then why not try some creative ways to find a job? Start your own website, make a YouTube or DailyMotion video, figure out a way of contacting employers you’re interested in working for that hasn’t been done by 500 job applicants before you.

In a crisis economy like the one Spain is still in, it’s often those job seekers who are willing to do something a little different to get work that really do stand out from the crowd.

For more ideas, check out the Aljazeera video below and don’t forget to tune in to XFin Radio daily for tips on helping you find work. You can even listen to them live on the internet.