Angela Merkel Criticizes Spain for Siding with US in Syrian Crisis at G20 Summit



It’s getting embarrassing being someone who loves Spain when I see the current right-wing government constantly siding with the US in matters like the Syria crisis and the NSA spying scandal.

In fact, not only did Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy allow Spanish authorities to refuse refueling on Spanish territory for the Bolivian president’s plane in July at the behest of the US, he also jumped to the US side in the Syria crisis at the G20 summit last week.

So much so that even Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized Spain on Saturday for siding with the US in the Syrian crisis.

Merkel’s criticism came with her slamming France, Italy and Britain along with Spain when she said it was categorically wrong for these four countries to support efforts by the US to reinforce the ban on chemical weapons. A ban, I might add, that the US itself doesn’t adhere to as it owns its own stock of chemical weapons, and refuses to give them up.

Merkel, however, is particularly annoyed, and rightfully so, as she said with 23 countries in the EU, Spain, France, Italy and Britain should have waited to see what the others planned on doing before agreeing to anything.

Then again, when you’re Mariano Rajoy and already heading a Spanish government that’s drowning under allegations of corruption and fraud, maybe he’s hoping hanging onto America’s teat will benefit him? Hint. It won’t.