Buying Property in Spain? Watch House and Apartment Videos on YouTube and DailyMotion

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Planning on buying property in Spain?

If so, you may not have thought about watching Spanish house and apartment videos on sites like YouTube and Dailymotion, before you contact a Spanish real estate agent. After all, since the internet is now becoming the vehicle for so much international commerce, why should buying property in Spain be any different?

Start your search for houses and apartments in Spain by doing a quick search on YouTube and on DailyMotion for the latest real estate videos.

If you use the search terms “house Spain”, “apartment Spain” and “townhouse Spain”, you can then narrow your search down even more using YouTube’s options to videos that have been uploaded in the last week, and in specific cities or areas of the country.

Most of the real estate videos on YouTube and DailyMotion have been uploaded by either real estate agents or homeowners themselves, so that means you often get a lot of information along with the visual delights.

In the case of houses and townhouses, the videos will usually give you a quick tour of the house, as well as show you the property the house stands on.

Apartment videos will show the apartment itself and, in some cases, the apartment building as well as any amenities like a swimming pool, gym, gardens and children’s play areas. The price will often be included along with contact information for the real estate agent or homeowner.

Watching real estate videos of property in Spain is much more preferable to just showing up at a real estate agent’s office and asking about property currently on the market.

It also has some real benefits. Not only do you not have to deal with the ‘hard sell’ from the real estate agent that you often get while visiting property, you can also spend as much time viewing property as you like in the comfort of your own living room before you narrow it down to the types of property you’re actually interested in buying.

Be aware, though, if you are new to buying property in Spain and have finally decided on the apartment, townhouse or house you’d like to buy, it’s highly advisable to hire a lawyer to make sure everything is on the up and up before you agree to purchase. And that also includes buying property through a reputable real estate agent.

Meanwhile, start off your search for property in Spain by checking out this lovely video from real estate agent Lucas Fox. It is a 4-bedroom, 2-bath apartment on the Placa Catalunya in the center of downtown Barcelona. Beautiful, isn’t it?