Centauro: Best Car Rental Company in Spain

In the last few years, we’ve rented cars through Centauro car rental company in Spain numerous times. Covering much of the Spanish coast, Centauro offers cheap rates, efficient staff and has some of the cleanest and best-taken-care-of cars we’ve ever seen.

Who Are Centauro? – Centauro is a Spanish car rental company offering rental services in the Costa Blanca, Murcia, Catalonia, Andalucia areas of Spain, and on the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands. With offices all over these areas, they’re a convenient company to rent a car through, and one where you always get a cheap price.

How to Book With Centauro – The best and easiest way to rent a car through Centauro is to book one on the internet. If you don’t use the net and attempt to rent a car directly through one of their offices, as their agents will likely tell you, you’ll pay 30% more.

Simply go to their website (see URL below), check out all their options – locations, time periods, type and size of cars, etc – and book the car you want. Then, on the day your car is booked for, go to the office you chose, give them your passport, credit card and drivers license and pick up your car. Simple as that.

Our Experience With Centauro – We tend to travel around Spain regularly, often several times a year, so choosing a reliable and inexpensive car rental company is vital. After doing research a few years ago, we discovered in almost every case, the Spanish car companies were far cheaper than the American companies like Avis and Enterprise, and usually offered a more personalized service. We tried out a couple of Spanish companies, but soon discovered Centauro offered the best service for the cheapest price, and we’ve been with them ever since.

For our latest car rental through Centauro, we booked the car online. At a rate far lower than other companies, we only paid 133 euros ($186) for two weeks, for a Volkswagen Polo. No hidden fees, no extra charges. That’s all we had to pay.

On the day we were to pick up the car, we took an early bus into the city of Benidorm in Spain. Only 20 minutes from where we’re staying, it worked out almost 90 euros cheaper to rent the car in Benidorm rather than in the town our hotel was in. Plus, for only a 2 euro 50 cents bus ride for two people, well worth the quick trip.

On arrival in Benidorm, we immediately discovered the Centauro office was right across the street from the bus stop. Very convenient and easy to find. We walked into the office, had absolutely no waiting time and were welcomed pleasantly by one of the Spanish women manning the office. She immediately informed us our car was waiting for us outside – a mere 10 feet from where we sat. The car was also a brand new Volkswagen Polo – never rented before, and all cute and shiny.

The clerk asked for my drivers license, passport and credit card, processed everything quickly, I signed one piece of paper and she handed us the keys. In and out of the office was less than eight minutes and, in less than 10, we were comfortably ensconced in the car and pulling out into traffic. For efficiency, you cannot beat Centauro.

Our Centauro Volkswagen Polo is lovely. It’s clean, smooth and easy to drive. Centauro also gives you a full tank of gas when you pick up the car and asks that you fill it up before you return it, which means no massive high gas charges like most of the American car companies charge.

Centauro Frequent Customer Discounts – Centauro offers an even higher discount on cars if you’re a frequent customer. On this last trip, we were told once we have nine rentals with Centauro (we’re only a couple away) then the 10th rental and every rental after that will have an extra 20% discount. You really can’t beat it.

We’ve been extremely satisfied with Centauro car rental in Spain and would recommend them to anyone. Cheap rates, friendly and efficient staff and a reliable, clean and cute car. What more could you ask for!

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