Graffiti in Spain: Beautiful, Colorful and Art? (Photos and Video)


While some people complain about all the graffiti in Spain, I actually love it. You find graffiti in Spain in all sorts of odd places — spray painted on doorways, on walls and fences, painted over posters, on trains, and added to old graffiti to give it even more color and originality. In fact, much of the graffiti spray painted all over Spain really is as beautiful as art.

Since Spain’s economy has worsened, the graffiti, or pintada, in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Sevilla has also grown but it’s definitely giving each city in interesting look.

I was in Valencia a couple of weeks ago and took some wonderful photographs of graffiti that I really felt brightened up some of the cities fences and closed up shops. Check them out.

Then watch this awesome video from LostandFound Travel on YouTube showing some of the cool graffiti in the El Gotico area of Barcelona. It’s quite amazing and includes lots of different tags.