Hotel Review: Hotel Ifach in Calpe, Spain: Luxury Rooms, Incredible Food

On my last trip to the Costa Blanca area of Spain, I was lucky to spend some time at the Hotel Ifach in Calpe, just down the road from Benidorm. I was vacationing with my parents. As the Hotel Ifach is where they’ve spent several month-long vacations, we decided to check out the hotel, the food, the rooms and the location so I could decide if I’d like to stay at the Ifach later in the year on another trip. Located just a one block walk from the ocean in Calpe, the Hotel Ifach is a gorgeous hotel and one in which I’m definitely considering a month’s stay later in the year.

Location of Hotel Ifach in Calpe – Located just off Calpe’s famous promenade, the Hotel Ifach is within a two minute walk to Calpe’s beaches, right across from a large protected marshland area full of pelicans, and just a couple of minutes walk from several supermarkets and, of course, hundreds of beach front cafes, restaurants and shops. Set back a little, it’s in a quieter location than other Calpe beach hotels, yet still has all the advantages just none of the noise.

Hotel Ifach Atmosphere – The first thing you notice when you pull into the Hotel Ifach parking lot and look up at the hotel is, while it’s an interesting design with its triangular shape, it’s actually quite nondescript looking from outside. But, once you walk through the revolving doors and into the lobby area, the Hotel Ifach is warm, inviting and stylish.

We had coffee in the lovely bar and cafe on the right-hand side of the lobby, and sitting and watching people walk in and out of the hotel or wait for their tour group to arrive was interesting, and definitely added to the ambience of the hotel. The coffee was delicious too.


One of the superb rooms at the Hotel Ifach in Calpe

Rooms at the Hotel Ifach – Rooms at the hotel are large and luxurious. With long corridors completely blocked off from the floors below, they’re also quiet at night as, unlike many Spanish hotels, you can’t hear the entertainment from the two main floors.

Guest room floors are tiled and the furniture is modern and, in a light wood and rattan. Every guest room has all the mod cons, including satellite TV, Wi-Fi, a mini bar, and controllable heating and air conditioning. Each room also has a private balcony.

The best thing about the Hotel Ifach guest rooms though are the superb views from most of the floors. Depending on which side of the hotel you’re on, you either have incredible views of the famous Calpe Rock (the Ifach), the ocean, or the town and marshland area. In fact, it’s well worth going up to the top floor and just standing on each outer staircase, so you can see the views from all sides. Stunning.

Food at the Hotel Ifach – My parents have stayed at the hotel for a month at a time, twice in the last year and a half. On both occasions, the food has been superb with lots of choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Much of the cuisine is Spanish, with other European foods served occasionally, but my mother particularly loved it as not much of it was served in a sauce – something she is allergic too.

If you’re on a Saga all-inclusive holiday, which my parents tend to go on, the Ifach also provides a gorgeous room on the second floor just for Saga clients, with free coffee all day, biscuits, yoghurts and snacky things to nibble on.

Depending on when you stay at the Hotel Ifach in Calpe, you’ll have a distinctly different experience. During the winter, it’s mainly full of retired Brits, a few Germans and a lot of older Spanish folks – nice if you like an authentic Spanish experience, which I do.

In the summer months, it’s a lot more typical Spain with lots of families and a larger mix of nationalities. Bear in mind though, it’s also more crowded and a lot noisier.

I’d recommend staying in the Hotel Ifach in Calpe any time but particularly in the winter months. While quiet, there’s plenty to do up in the main town area (don’t miss the old town area of Calpe, it’s lovely), you can walk on the promenade for miles just a couple of minutes from the hotel, and the hotel is a wonderfully relaxing place to spend a week or two. The food is delicious, the staff lovely and the hotel clean, cozy and quiet. Seriously, what more could you want?

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