How to Save Money on a Holiday to Spain

Take a holiday to Spain out of season - it's less crowded, still sunny, and very cheap


New studies show Spain is still the top destination for British holidaymakers and one reason is it’s cheap. But, just because Spain is an inexpensive place for a holiday, it doesn’t mean you can’t save money even further. Here are some quick tips on how to save money on a holiday to Spain, and still have a smashing time.

Flights – Avoid Ryanair when flying from the UK to Spain. By the time you’ve factored in charges like £50 for a checked bag for a round-trip ticket, it’s often more expensive than other airlines like Monarch or Bmibaby. One of the best ways to check for the cheapest airfares is to do a search on Book at least a month before to nab the cheaper airfares.

Hiring a Car – Don’t wait until the last minute to hire a car.  Prices tend to go up closer to the time you need it. Remember too, if you hire a car for a week or longer,  you’ll get much cheaper rates than if you just pick one up for a couple of days.

Book All-Inclusive Hotels – One of the best ways to get a cheap holiday to Spain is to book an all-inclusive hotel as, once you get there, your expenses will be practically nil. All-inclusive hotels include all meals, coffee and sometimes afternoon tea, as well as most or all of your booze, including wine at meals.  If you book an all-inclusive holiday, with airfare and tour guide included, you’ll even get a few day trips included in the price.

Stay in a Parador for 5 Days or Longer – If you’re willing to stay in the same parador for five days or longer, you can get some amazing cheap deals on rooms. Up to 50% reduction, in some cases. Check out for their latest deals.

Package Deals – Booking a package deal instead of pay-as-you-go holiday can save you hundreds of pounds over a couple of weeks stay. Look at Thomas Cook or Cosmos for some of the cheaper deals.  Or, if you want to stay in a more luxurious hotel but would still like lower rates, look at Kirker Holidays.

Take a Holiday out of Season – Of course, the cheapest time to take a holiday to Spain is out of season. Avoid June, July and August, and instead think about a trip in April, May, September or October instead. Rates can be 25% cheaper at that point and, wherever you go, it will be less crowded — always a great thing on the beach.