How to Take a Ferry From the UK to Spain


Taking a ferry from the UK to Spain is a great way to save money, plus have your car with you when you get there, so no need for a rental either. Costs of taking a ferry from the UK to Spain are often cheaper than flying, particularly if you have a big family. Ferries only charge per car for the crossing plus a fee per person — still usually less than a budget airline like Monarch or Ryan Air.

There are more than 10 ferry companies that sale from the UK to Spain. You board the ferry at one of their embarkation points and travel a number of Spanish destinations.

Them most popular UK ferry routes are from Portsmouth to Bilbao, Plymouth to Santander, and Portsmouth to Santander.

The best way to find the cheapest fare on a ferry from the UK to Spain is to check on a website such as They have lists of every available ferry from the UK to Spain and other destinations in Europe. They can also give you a price quote and you can book your ticket online.

There are also often discount rates available at sites like, where you can get quotes for you, your car and the number of passengers for varying dates throughout the year.

Don’t forget too, ferries are often easily accessible to disabled people and a much more comfortable way of traveling to Spain than crammed on a tiny budget plane.