Listen to Alejandro Sanz Sing ‘No Me Compares’: Spain’s Most Famous Singer (Video)

alejandro sanz no me compares


Anyone who has spent any time in Spain knows Alejandro Sanz is the most famous Spanish singer — ever. Not only in Spain but all over the world. He sings concerts to sold-out audiences of tens of thousands of people in cities as far away as Rome, Buenos Aires and London and every song he releases is beautifully sung, beautifully written and beautifully videotaped.

Such is ‘No Me Compares‘, one of Alejandro Sanz’ most recent singles.

Released in August 2012 for his seventh album ‘La Música No Se Toca‘, No Me Compares not only shot up the charts but it was also nominated for both Song of the Year and included on the Album of the Year for the 13th Annual Latin Grammy Awards. Sanz even sang the song live during the Grammy Awards.

All I can say is, if you love Spanish music and have never heard Alejandro Sanz or bought any of his albums, you’re missing someone amazing. Start off by listening to Alejandro Sanz sing ‘No Me Compares‘ below. It’s gorgeous.