Looking For Cheap Flights from Bangkok to Barcelona? Lufthansa Has Special Deals


If you’re in Bangkok, Thailand and wanting to fly to Barcelona, Spain, just a heads up that Lufthansa has some pretty good special cheap deals right now. Starting at 35,800  baht (853 euros) round-trip, you can fly from Bangkok to Barcelona on Lufthansa departing any time between 1st October, 2011 to 31st October, 2011.

The only catch is you have to book and pay for your flights between now and September 25th, and you have to stay a minimum of six days and a maximum of three months. That’s it.

We’re not fans of Lufthansa (terrible food, usually overpriced flights, and they rip off Americans with extra fees), but if you can get a cheap flight with them and you don’t mind flying Lufthanas, go for it.