Pedro Sanchez Elected Leader of Socialist Party, Spain

pedro sanchez spain socialist party elected secretary leader

With so many Spaniards being fed-up with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and his People’s Party, the left in Spain are likely to be much more popular during the next general election.

The Socialist Party probably knows that as well, which could be one of the reasons Pedro Sanchez was just elected leader of Spain’s Socialist Party.

Pedro Sanchez is new blood, as he has just become involved in politics recently so there is nothing negative to taint him so far, unlike with Mariano Rajoy who is widely now seen as corrupt and a liar.

Plus, Pedro Sanchez is only 42-years old. Add in a PhD in Economics, and Sanchez may just be what Spain needs to get the disastrous Spanish economy moving again.

He still has to be ratified at a special PSOE conference in Madrid at the end of July, but there is no doubt that will happen.

As Sanchez said in his victory speech, it is now “the beginning of the end of the reign of Mariano Rajoy”. All I can say is, let’s hope so, as Spain desperately needs change.

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