Podemos’ Pablo Iglesias Gives King Felipe VI ‘Game of Thrones’ Boxed Set (Video)

game of thrones boxed set king felipe VI Spain

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias gives King Felipe VI boxed set of ‘Game of Thrones’ DVDs

King Felipe VI was in Brussels this week on his first trip to the European Union since he became the Spanish king in June last year. He met with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, talked to various MEPs about a variety of topics relevant to Spain and the EU, and even met the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias.

Podemos, of course, is the Spanish anti-austerity party. But what was even more interesting than King Felipe meeting the party leader himself was what Pablo Iglesias gave King Felipe as a gift.

A boxed set of DVDs of the HBO TV series ‘Game of Thrones‘.

King Felipe, of course, looked a little surprised as the unexpected gift was handed to him but he recovered nicely and said, “That’s great. I haven’t seen it yet”.

The gift was then passed on to a waiting member of staff. So, whether King Felipe actually ends up watching ‘Game of Thrones‘ or not, we may never know.

Afterwards, Pablo Iglesias said he presented the king with the gift as he wanted him to “understand the key points of the political crisis in Spain”, and he felt their were parallels between the current crisis in Spain and what goes on in ‘Game of Thrones’.