Reasons Why Spaniards Should be Proud of Spain (Video)

proud to be spanish


While many Spaniards don’t always feel so proud of Spain, due to its current economic crisis that is, there are thousands if not millions of reasons to be proud of Spain and proud to be Spanish.

This video, although ultimately advertising the services of Grant Thornton in Spain, does an excellent job of showing how successful Spain and Spaniards are in so many areas — including being world and European football champions, having the world’s second largest tourist sector and having exports that grew 18 percent between 2009 and 2011.

On top of that, Spanish companies will be responsible for building the first high-speed train in the Middle East between Medina and Mecca, managing airports in the UK, the US and Colombia, and providing airline reservation systems for much of the planet.

Yes, Spaniards should be proud of Spain for these and millions more reasons. Watch the video to find out more. And yes, it does have Spanish subtitles.