Rent a Holiday Apartment in Barcelona, Spain With a Top Online Rental Agency

For many visitors to Barcelona, Spain, the only way to rent an apartment, for long-term or short-term holiday stay, is to do it online through an agency.

But, if you have not seen the apartment or dealt with the rental company, how do you know you are dealing with a legitimate service? How do you rent a holiday apartment online in Barcelona, and not get ripped off?

Actually, it is relatively easy. Only deal with reputable holiday apartment rental companies in Barcelona, ie: those who’ve had thousands of satisfied customers and rarely get a bad report.

Here are three you can check out. Look at their websites, search for the type of holiday apartment you want to rent in Barcelona and compare location, amenities, apartment and price. Then book the one you like the best.

And, although of course we cannot guarantee you will not have a problem (after all, we are not an apartment vetting service), what we can tell you is these three online apartment rental agents have some of the best reputations in Barcelona and have been recommended by thousands of people.

SH Barcelona – One of the biggest apartment rental agencies in Barcelona, SH Barcelona deals with everything from vacation rentals to short and long-term apartment rentals in and around Barcelona.

They’ve been in business since 2,000 and are accredited as ‘tourist use housing’ operators (‘habitatges d’us turístic’). They’re also used by some of the biggest multi-national corporations in Spain to help house their employees, as well as by local international schools. Many Spaniards also recommend them to foreign nationals coming into Barcelona and looking for a place to stay.

Prices do tend to be on the high side, but the apartments they rent are gorgeous so, if you want to splash out a bit on a stunning apartment, SH Barcelona is a great place to start looking. If you’re looking for a house instead of an apartment, they rent those too. – A newer company than SH Barcelona, has a wider range of prices, with a few apartments more in the lower range than does SH Barcelona. The apartments they rent are still gorgeous though, and with more inexpensive prices, a great place to begin your search.

This company  deals largely with holiday rentals, so your rates are nightly.  But, if you do want a long-term stay, they can also offer that. You just have to contact them to get a quote for the total cost. Some of their apartments also have obligatory-stay periods of between 3-5 nights, so check that carefully before you book.

Their website is stunning, they have videos of some of the apartments we could just sit and watch for hours and, if you contact them by e-mail, they respond fast and are lovely. – Spain Holiday deals with rentals all over Spain, so if you’ll be in more than one place, you might want to consider booking both through them.

They have a large selection of holiday rental apartments in Barcelona, and also have some good deals on ‘Last Minute’ rentals. You can book either by the day or by the week, with rates going down in low season and increasing in high season.

Don’t miss their video section either. If you have any questions about places in Spain you’re thinking about visiting, they probably have a beautiful video you can watch about it, right there online.