Ryan Air Magazine Sells El Gordo Tickets for Four Times Normal Price

When you think the sleazy low-budget airline, Ryan Air, can’t get worse — it does.

On Christmas morning, two days after the El Gordo lottery drawing, El Mundo is reporting Ryan Air had a double-page spread in their in-flight magazine advertising El Gordo tickets for sale.

The problem was, rather than the normal €200 for a full ticket or €20 for a decimo, the company advertising in Ryan Air’s magazine was charging €800 for a full ticket or €80 for a decimo. And that’s left Ryan Air with a really red face.

Of course, some would say itis  a company’s right to sell a lottery ticket at any amount they want. The problem is, this company was obviously scamming its buyers as, in photos of the lottery tickets, the real price that’s printed on every El Gordo ticket was covered over.

For unsuspecting customers, that meant they had no way of knowing what the real price was, or that they were being scammed for four times the money.

Then again, when Ryan Air wants to charge you for going to the toilet on the flight, and has just jacked up their prices for check-in and carry-on luggage by 50%, it’s not surprising their in-flight magazine would carry such an ad.

“Ryan Air. If you want to be cheated, fly with us.”