Saga Travel’s All-Inclusive Holidays To Spain – Excellent Cheap Deal For the Over 50s

Last year, my parents invited me on an all-inclusive vacation to Albir, Spain on a package tour with Saga Holidays.

Normally, I’m not the ‘package tour’ type of person, preferring to make my travel arrangements myself. However, I’d been on a Saga Holiday package tour before and enjoyed it, and this latest one was to celebrate my parents Golden Wedding Anniversary so, of course, I went.

Now, after just having spent one of the best month’s vacations in Spain I’ve ever had, I have to admit an all-inclusive package tour with Saga Holidays is the way to travel.

What is Saga Holidays? – Saga is a British tour company that provides holiday travel for those over 50 years of age. Tour packages are either hotel or touring holidays, or cruise packages and are a choice of ‘land only’ (you get your own flights), ‘bed and breakfast’, ‘half-board’ (breakfast and dinner), ‘full-board’ (breakfast, lunch and dinner) or ‘all-inclusive’ (everything on the vacation is included, including flights).

Saga does offer travel in the UK, but most of Saga Travel’s package tours are overseas.

They also have a reputation for providing an exceptional travel experience, with 98% of their almost 3 million customers rating it ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. On both Saga holidays I have taken, I could understand why.

Can The Under-50s Travel With Saga? – If you are traveling alone or with people your age and are under 50 years old, you cannot travel with Saga. I’m not 50 years old but, because my parents are over 50, I’m allowed to go (each over 50 customer can take a travel companion who is 40 years of age or older), which is how I’ve been able to go on Saga holidays twice.

All-Inclusive Saga Travel Packages, What Do They Include? – Every all-inclusive travel package with Saga varies slightly, depending on which hotel you stay in.

For our trip last month, my parents had chosen ‘all-inclusive’ as it just makes the vacation easier. They also booked a trip to Albir, Spain, an area of the country they know well from previous Saga vacations (my parents have been on 20 others), and chose the Hotel Kaktus Albir, a 4-star hotel on the beach with an excellent reputation.

The all-inclusive package at the Hotel Kaktus Albir was for four weeks (28 nights) and was superb. The cost of the vacation was around $1,890 for the month (you pay in British pounds, so the cost varies depending on the exchange rate). For $1,890, this is what we got:

28 nights in a 4-star hotel on the beach
Round-trip flights from Gatwick to Alicante, Spain
Transportation to and from Alicante airport to the Kaktus Albir Hotel
Three buffet meals a day at the hotel (which were incredible)
Free coffee, lattes, tea and hot chocolate all day
Free alcohol from 1pm to 11pm every day (this includes beer, wine, mixed drinks, as well as soft drinks)
Wine or beer with lunch and dinner
Four excursions (two full-day and two half-day)
Saga Representative at the hotel 24 hours a day
(and for those booking from the UK, it also includes travel insurance).

Now, tell me, where else can you get that incredible of a package for such a cheap price? I’ve never heard of it before.

Is The Saga Travel All-Inclusive Package Worth It? – I’ve now been on two all-inclusive Saga Travel holidays and, frankly, I don’t know how they manage to give you what they do for the inexpensive price.

The Hotel Kaktus Albir was gorgeous, my room was enormous and very comfortable, the three buffet meals a day were so good I gained at 10 lbs, and it was fun to have free lattes and free booze (I love Spanish sangria) in the afternoons and evenings. Plus, wine with lunch and dinner was lovely.

We didn’t do all the excursions, as we don’t usually enjoy tours with a group but, if you did decide to go, they included a full day tour to Valencia, a half-day tour to Finestrat, and two other fun excursions.

My parents and I did do the trip to Finestrat, which included a drive up into the mountains to the mountain village then back down to the coast to Finestrat beach, and an hour and a half in the beach town to shop. Lovely.

Travel With Saga Travel Originates in England – The one thing you need to be aware of if you don’t live in the UK is that all Saga Travel originates from England.

That means, if you’re coming from America or, like me, Asia, you will have to pay for your flight from your home country to the UK. My flight from Bangkok, Thailand added another $1,300 onto the price of the holiday but it was worth it.

After my second all-inclusive trip with Saga Travel, I’m now looking forward to the day when I’m 50 years old, as I won’t have to rely on my parents to invite me.

Traveling with Saga is a wonderful experience, as you meet a lovely group of fellow Saga travelers (there were 36 others on our tour as well as 140 more in our hotel from earlier tours). Their average age may be in the mid 60s to mid 80s, but I had a blast with the lot of them. They’re fun, friendly and know how to have a good time. Really. What more can you ask for?

For more information, check out Saga Travel’s Website