Should You Pay For Satellite Internet on a Cruise Around Spain?

Cruising around Spain? Don't pay for internet on board - copyright wileypics, Creative Commons


When people book a cruise around Spain and the rest of Europe, one thing they often worry about is getting internet access while on board ship. Then, once they find out they can get satellite internet access while on the cruise ship itself, they then wonder if they should pay for it. Our answer? Absolutely not.

Internet fees on board cruise ships are ridiculously expensive. Upwards of 30-50 cents a minute to get online, depending on the cruise line, plus activation fees, and a charge for using your own laptop. Rip-off doesn’t even begin to explain why you shouldn’t.

An easier way to get online while crusing around Spain is to just take your laptop and dongle (if you have one, buy one if you don’t) and hit one of Spain’s hundreds of thousands of cafes, restaurants and fast food joints that offer free and fast Wi-Fi. That way, you can enjoy a nice hot cafe con leche for just a euro, and surf the net for free.

And, if you want to find a cafe in your next port of call, before you even get there, start off by looking here at  Or, just step off the ship and find the closest cafe. There are so many internet cafes in Spain now, you’ve probably a nine out of ten chance the first one you walk into will have Wi-Fi.

Pay for internet while on board a cruise ship. Really. Are you made of money?