Socialists Seek Censure Motion Against PM Rajoy Over Payments Scandal


Socialists seek censure motion against Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy

Socialist Party (PSOE) leader, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, says he and his party are seeking a censure motion against Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy now that it has been proven Rajoy has been in contact with disgraced former PP treasurer Luis Bárcenas via text message offering his support.

All opposition groups are also demanding Rajoy appear before Congress to be questioned about the payments scandal.

Of course, as just more proof how corrupt the Popular Party is, it’s expected the censure motion won’t pass as, with the PP majority, all PP members will likely vote against it. It will, however, show a lack of confidence in Mariano Rajoy, which is not good for the PP or for Rajoy himself.

As the illegal payments scandal grows, the Socialists are also continuing their calls for Rajoy to resign as they say his continued position as prime minister is undermining Spain’s economic recovery and the overall stability of the country.

We’ll all just have to wait to see if Mariano Rajoy does agree to appear before Congress, or if he’ll just continue skulking in the shadows.