Socialist Party (PSOE) Says Mariano Rajoy Must Resign After Bárcenas Text Messages

mariano rajoy speaking
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Things are getting a lot worse for Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy after Spanish newspaper El Mundo is reporting Rajoy remained in contact with disgraced former Popular Party treasurer PP’s Luis Bárcenas, even while he was being formally investigated and charged with accepting bribery and tax fraud.

The contact from Rajoy was in the form of SMS text messages and offered Bárcenas his support.

In response to the El Mundo story, Spain’s Socialist party (PSOE) has now cut off all communications with the PP and say Mariano Rajoy must resign as prime minister and another Popular Party member be put in his place.

Since the El Mundo article was published the United Left coalition (IU) has called for the government to be completely disbanded and new elections to take place.

Interestingly too, while Mariano Rajoy seems to have been supporting Luis Bárcenas through his SMS text messages, the same can’t be said for Bárcenas who only last week said he has written evidence that Rajoy accepted bribe money — well over 200,000 euros in fact.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba is spending the day contacting other opposition groups, with the aim of joining together and demanding Rajoy step down. Immediately.

Let’s just say, it is not looking very good for Mariano Rajoy’s future as Spain’s prime minister or for the Popular Party this week. In fact, they’re not popular at all.

You can read the rest of the story about the Socialists demanding Rajoy resign at El Pais. Fascinating stuff.