Stay in a Parador Hotel in Spain – Elegant, Unique and So Beautiful

Parador de Siguenza in Guadalajara, Spain – gorgeous hotel, superb service

Looking for a unique way to see Spain? Why not stay in one of the country’s many Parador hotels?

If you are not familiar with Parador hotels, you are in for a treat. Not a traditional hotel, in the high-rise, many-room style, a Parador hotel is usually located in an old historical building – a palace, a castle, an old farmhouse – a building that seems to have Spain’s entire history propping it up.

But, before you think that sounds a bit rustic – be aware, most of Spain’s Parador hotels are luxurious, elegant and absolutely stunning. They also come with all the expected mod cons.

Parador hotels are all over Spain – in beach areas, in the mountains, near golf courses, on nature reserves – you name it, you’ll find a Parador hotel somewhere nearby. The food is amazing, the service superb and, if you enjoy staying in a room unlike any you have ever stayed in before or will do again (no two Parador hotels are alike), you will be so sold on Parador hotels, you will never stay in anything else.

Plus, don’t forget about the kids. Just because a Parador is fairy-tale like gorgeous, it doesn’t mean kids aren’t welcome. Many Paradors not only love having kids staying with them, but they even organize events and outings for them too.

Finally, don’t forget, if you have a company event or getaway to organize, don’t overlook doing it at a Parador. Sure, they might be a little more expensive than a traditional Spanish high-rise hotel but, if you have wonderful employees, why not treat them to something a little bit special?

For more information on Spain’s Parador hotels, check out the website Paradores. You’ll find everything you need here and more. You can book a hotel room through them too.