The Scarf: Spain’s Most Popular Fashion Accessory (How To Video)


One thing you’ll notice when you first get to Spain is just how many Spanish women wear scarves. Small scarves knotted around their necks if they’re older, which go a long way to making an otherwise plain outfit look chic, or long scarves wound several times around their neck and then left dangling for the younger or more hip crowd. Scarves in Spain are a must have accessory — which is perfect, as you can buy them everywhere.

If you want to accessorize your outfit with scarves like most Spanish women do, start off by shopping at a few of the local markets in Spain where you can literally pick up scarves for as cheap as 1 euro.

Buy four or five scarves, one in black, two in another block color, one with a floral pattern and the last with a geometric pattern. Get the last two in colors different to the first three so that way you have five different colored scarves that will go with hundreds of outfits.

Then, if you’re not sure how to tie a scarf around your neck like Spanish women do, watch this video where you can see 23 different ways of tying scarves the Spanish way. Then…… practice.

Soon, you’ll look just like a Spaniard.