Tiny Apartment in Barcelona, Spain: Awesome for Sustainable Living (Video)

small apartment barcelona


I’ve been obsessed lately with watching videos about people who live in small apartments and, in some cases like this one in Barcelona, in tiny apartments.

This tiny apartment in Barcelona is only 24 square meters big (or small!) and was designed by architect Barbara Appolloni. It’s the home of Christian Schallert – a man who says he travels a lot, doesn’t want to own a huge amount of stuff as he hates having to store it, and loves to ‘nest’. So owning a tiny apartment in Barcelona is perfect for him. It’s also perfect for sustainable living.

The apartment is located in the fashionable Born area of the city, and is on the roof of an old apartment building. That’s because, at one time, it was a pigeon loft.

Nowadays, after an extensive conversion project, it’s now a tiny apartment in Barcelona that still manages to fit into it a stylish full-sized bedroom, kitchen with dishwasher, sink and full-sized fridge and freezer, living room, dining room, balcony and a separate toilet and shower area. All in just 24 square meters or 258 square feet.

That’s because everything is stored away in hidden cupboards, and pulls out as he needs to use each individual room.

Now, I thought I was doing well living in my apartment — one that measures just 35 square meters. Christian Schallert, however, puts me to shame and, yes, his apartment is lovely.

You can see Christian’s cool apartment in the video below. Awesome, isn’t it? And don’t miss the amazing views out over the city. Lovely.