Vodafone España Broadband Internet in Spain – a Scam and a Rip Off

I’m so sick of Spanish internet companies I could scream. Some of the worst companies and biggest scammers in Spain, Spanish internet companies offer terrible internet connections, rip off their customers with outrageous fees and claims that they’ve used all of their paid-for data allowance for the month, and charge the most expensive internet fees in Europe.

Vodafone España, however, is the absolute worst. After wasting more than €70 on Vodafone’s pay-as-you-go broadband internet in Spain this month, it will be a cold day in hell before I ever use Vodafone for anything anymore, and definitely not for internet access.

My story started when I arrived back in Spain for a month and, as I won’t be here long enough this time to get a long-term contract, I’m stuck with pay-as-you-go internet.

Unlike just about any other developed country, however, in Spain you can’t get pay-as-go Wi-Fi internet with a company like Vodafone, as that is only available for customers with an 18 month contract.

So, I was stuck with the Vodafone pay-as-you-go broadband service. I got a new sim card, paid €49 for the sim and 2 GB of data for 30 days and got online in my hotel room.

As I know broadband internet in Spain is expensive and Spanish internet providers are scam artists, I was very careful with Vodafone broadband usage.

I didn’t download any games or videos, surf for huge amounts of time, or watch any videos in the week I used the 2GB. So you can imagine my surprise when my 2GB of data with Vodafone broadband was supposedly used up in 7 days and simply stopped working. €49 for 7 days internet service.

And, did I use the 2GB of Vodafone data in those 7 days? Not even close. According to the usage chart that you can check from the dongle, I had used less than 1 GB. So, saying I had used the 2 GB of data from Vodafone and needed to pay for more is  just another Vodafone scam, of course.

My next step with Vodafone broadband in Spain was to pay for 7 days of unlimited internet access – €3.95 a day for 7 days as I figured with unlimited data usage I couldn’t lose. Wrong again.

Again, imagine my surprise when my supposed 7 days of unlimited Vodafone broadband internet stopped working after 5 days and I could no longer get online.

That was another €8 down the drain for the two days I paid for but couldn’t actually get internet access.

So, after my two weeks of forking over huge amounts of money to Vodafone España, a scam company, for internet access, will I ever pay for a Vodafone service, or get Vodafone internet in Spain again? Not on your life. It’s a scam, and a rip off as just about any Spaniard or foreigner that has used it will tell you, and Vodafone are nothing more than thieves.