What are Normal Bank Opening Hours in Spain?


What are normal bank opening hours in Spain?

For many expats and tourists, finding out what the normal bank opening hours in Spain are can be quite important. After all, if you need to change travelers cheques or you’re considering buying property and need to speak to a bank manager, you’ll want to know when the bank is open.

Unfortunately, Spanish banks aren’t usually open the longer hours many of us non-Spaniards are used to, but here are the normal bank opening hours in Spain — and, yes, if you plan on living there, these are the hours you will have to deal with.

Normal bank opening hours in Spain are 8:30 am, Monday through Friday. Banks then stay open through until 2:00pm or 2:30pm, and then close for the day.

Late evening hours and Saturday morning bank hours in Spain

Some banks like Santander and Bankia will have a late evening opening one evening a week, often on a Thursday, and will usually open on Saturday mornings from 9:30am or 9:00am until 12:00 or 1:00pm.

Weirdly, however, most banks that do open on Saturday mornings only do so during winter months — from October or so until May. That means they are usually closed on Saturday mornings during peak tourist season. Yes, like I said, weird.