What Does Mija Mean in English? What Does Mijo Mean?

mija mijo spanish

If you have spent time on holiday in Spain, or have recently moved here, you have probably heard the Spanish words ‘mija‘ and ‘mijo‘ quite a lot. If, like me when I first got to Spain, you probably don’t know what the two words meant.

So what does ‘mija’ mean in Spanish? And what does ‘mijo‘ mean?

Mija‘ is actually a contraction of ‘mi hija‘ (my daughter) and ‘mijo‘ a contraction of ‘mi hijo‘ (my son). It is often used as a slang term, and as a form of affection. So a Spanish man might call his daughter ‘mija‘ and his son ‘mijo‘.

Mija‘ or ‘mijo‘ can also be used with anyone, even an adult, and means something similar to the English slang terms ‘honey‘ or ‘sweetie’. You’ll even sometimes here it when a Spaniard is addressing someone, but they can’t remember their name.

So, the next time you hear ‘mija’ or ‘mijo‘, you’ll know exactly what they mean. And yes, you can use them yourself. They’re cute!

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