What Does the Spanish Verb ”Hacer” Mean?


As a website based in Spain, we get a lot of people sending us messages asking the meaning of certain Spanish words. With hundreds of thousands of words in the Spanish dictionary, it’s not possible to write about all of them, but we thought we’d begin a daily post on the most common Spanish words to give people some idea of what certain things in the language mean. After all, on a trip to Spain, you never know when they might come in handy.

One question we get a lot is “What does the Spanish verb “Hacer” mean? Hacer, of course, is one of the more common verbs and used in just about any conversation in Spanish.

The basic meanings of Hacer are To Do or To Make in English so, as you can imagine, it’s useful to know. There are more involved ones, but basic meanings are good to begin with.

So, for example, tengo mucho que hacerI have a lot to do.

For the full present tense of the verb Hacer, this is what you should memorize:


yo hago                                                   nosotros/as hacemos

tú haces                                                  vosotros/as hacéis

usted/él/ella hace                                    ustedes/ellos/ellas hacen


And to hear the basic forms of the verb Hacer spoken clearly, watch this excellent video from YouTube below.