What is a Bodega? Spain’s Wine Bars Are Superb Places for a Drink and Some Tapas


In Spain, a bodega is the place you go to get superb wine and some decent tapas. Bodegas are all over Spain and are everything from tiny holes in the wall with a few tables, to large upscale places that seat several hundred.

At a bodega, you’ll experience a traditional Spanish lifestyle – relaxing over a good glass of Spanish wine and tapas of olives, french fries, baguettes, fried squid and more.

Some bodegas, often the larger ones attached to vineyards, even offer small tours. For a fee of just a few euros, you’ll get to look around the place, hear something about its history and get a couple of glasses of wine and some tasty snacks.

For a wonderful article on bodegas around Jumilla, Spain, check out this one by author Sue Walker, who retired to Spain several years ago and wrote about her experiences.

And here’s a wonderful video of a bodega – Bodega Contino in Logrono, Spain from Davidsbeenhere.com.