What is a Furniture Package in Spain and How Much Do They Cost?

Part of a beautiful furniture pack at Furniture Express in Spain

When you buy a house or rent an apartment in Spain, someone might tell you that you should buy a “furniture package” before you move in. If, like us at one time, you have never heard of a furniture package, you could be a bit confused.

A furniture package in Spain is actually just like it sounds. A package of furniture that fills your whole house or apartment. Styles and colors are co-ordinated so everything matches, it comes with just about everything you will need to start your life afresh in Spain and some companies even deliver them for free.

A typical furniture package or ‘furniture pack’ includes living room, dining room and bedroom furniture — everything you need for all three places.

You can also buy an ‘accessory pack’. It will come with a TV, lamps, nightstands, entertainment centers, cushions, rugs, curtains, pictures, towels, bedding, mirrors and a whole lot more.

Furniture packages all have varying costs, depending on which furniture store you buy them through and which package level you choose.

Basic mid-range quality furniture package costs begin at around 5,000 euros and go up to 15,000 euros and more — depending on your taste, your requirements and, of course, your budget. Some packages also include accessories. Some require you to buy an accessory package as an extra.

Drawbacks, of course, include not being able to pick out your own things – in other words, what comes with the package is what you get, and that can definitely be a little impersonal.

But, if you don’t have time or inclination to set up a new home in Spain, a furniture pack is a good idea. You can always accessorize it with things of your own taste as time goes on.

There are many stores throughout Spain that sell furniture packages.  Look at these excellent places, to get started:

Mad About Furniture (Free delivery on the Costa del Sol)

Furniture Express

Completely Furniture (Budget — with packs beginning at 2,999 euros)