What to Expect When Moving to Spain? (Video)

albir beach spain

If you want to know what to expect when moving to Spain, you must watch this excellent video from Graham at Valencia Property. In it, he talks about what to expect when moving to Spain, from the need to do a lot of preparation before you set off, and the necessity to do a lot of hard work when you get there.

He also talks about the importance of being able to speak at least minimal Spanish, and be willing to learn more, and the benefits of making friends with Spaniards.

If you have kids and are thinking of moving to Spain, he will even tell you why you should. And why you should never talk about “going back home”.

Beyond all of this great information though, what I loved about the video is Graham obviously loves living in Spain and his positive attitude about the country and its people is lovely to watch.

If you would like a few quick tips on what to expect when moving to Spain, watch Graham’s video below and then do exactly what he says.