What Vaccinations Do You Need to Travel to Spain?

vaccinations for trip to spaiin
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A reader e-mailed us recently to ask “What vaccinations do you need to travel to Spain?”, as she was planning a one-month trip and didn’t want to be refused entry at the Spanish border if she didn’t have them.

For this reader, and for anyone else who wants to know what vaccinations do you need to travel to Spain, you will all be happy to know you don’t need any.

The United States’ Centers for Disease Control which, bizarrely, always seems to be pushing vaccinations hardly any other medical body pushes still insists, of course, that you should check with your doctor to see if you need vaccinations for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and possibly rabies.

Of course, that is up to you but Spain does notrequire you to have them and, obviously, doesn’t think you need them either for your protection or for the protection of Spanish citizens.

Spanish authorities do say, however, in some extreme cases a visitor to Spain may be required to submit to a health examination if there is a possibility they may have been exposed any illness requiring quarantine listed in International Health Regulations.

Out of Spain’s more than 57 million annual visitors, however, this does indeed happen rarely.

So, book your trip to Malaga, Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante or anywhere else in this amazing country with the realization that, unless you feel differently or are a little paranoid, you do not need to have any vaccinations in order to visit Spain.